The College is housed in a spacious building, with a total area of 2072 sq.mts.There are 8 spacious classrooms, a big seminar hall equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, a library-cum-reading room and well equipped laboratories for different subjects.


The College has a well-stocked library. Apart from books covering subjects of instruction, the library has an impressive collection of books.


There are 5 spacious laboratories for mathematics, science, psychology, social studies, and educational technology. All the laboratories are well equipped to develop various skills in the trainee teachers.

Science Laboratory

The trainees conduct experiments in physical science and biological science on topics related to the secondary school syllabus. They develop portable kits and improvised apparatus.

Mathematics Laboratory

Equipped with necessary furniture, graph boards, roller boards, geometry instrument boxes, different models of geometrical solids, mathematical kits, etc. The students use the laboratory for preparation of teaching aids like charts, models, flash cards, working models,special charts and low cost apparatus.

Psychology Laboratory

Well equipped with various Psychological tests like personality, aptitude, interest, etc. The students are exposed to the procedure for conducting these tests and interpreting the results.

Social Studies Laboratory

Well equipped with maps, charts, specimen and meteorological instruments. Students develop teaching aids with the help of this equipment.

Education Technology Laboratory

Has an LCD Projector, overhead projector, slide projector, computers with multimedia and internet facility etc.The students prepare transparencies and slides which facilitate them in teaching. They also make power point presentations on computers in different subjects.



Seminar hall


Science Labs

Class Rooms

psychology lab

Art and Craft Room

Multipurpose Room

ET and ICT Lab

Computer Lab

Conference Hall

Principal , Staff Rooms and admin etc

Sports and Play Ground